Reaching the Fringe Circuit Audience on Twitter

Fringe performers: on Twitter, if you want to reach the producers, tweet to their Twitter address. But if you want to reach the AUDIENCE, tweet to the HASH TAG! For example, in my home town, the Fringe producers are @OttawaFringe on Twitter… but you reach the audience with the hash tag: #ottfringe. For example: Read this review of my awesome show (link to awesome review) coming to #ottfringe vs Help @OttawaFringe! My van’s broken down and I’ve lost your phone numbers and email addresses. Have you sussed the difference? (It’s not subtle.) Let’s keep it simple. Here’s a list of cities, hash tags, and producer addresses that I know about on the fringe circuit:

City Hash Tag Producer
New York #FRIGID2014 @FRIGIDNewYork
London, ON #ldnfringe            @LondonFringe
Montreal #fringebuzz  @FringeMtl
Ottawa #ottfringe  @OttawaFringe
Toronto #FringeTO @Toronto_Fringe
San Diego #sdff14 @sdfringe
Regina #reginafringe @reginafringe
Winnipeg #wpgfringe  @WinnipegFringe
Hamilton #hamfringe  @HamOntFringe
Calgary #yycfringe @CalgaryFringe
Saskatoon #yxefringe @yxefringe
Edmonton #yegfringe @EdmontonFringe
Indianapolis #indyfringe @indyfringe
Victoria #yyjfringe @IntrepidTheatre
Vancouver #vanfringe @VancouverFringe
Nanaimo #nanfringe @fringetastic
Saint John #FundyFringe @fundyfringefest
Halifax #atlanticfringe @AtlFringeFest
Charlottetown  #peifringe @IslandFringe
Edinburgh #edfringe @edfringe
Boulder #boulderfringe @BoulderFringe
San Francisco #sffringe @EXIT_Theatre


Happy Fringing! And while you’re using Twitter, don’t forget to tell the audience WHY they want to see your show. © Brian M. Carroll, 2013


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